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Host family

To what is of use a host family?

Refuges being non-existent (Moorea) or overloaded, we often look for families to welcome temporarily dogs and cats which do not adapt themselves to life in community or have specific needs. It is the case of hurt animals for whom we have to make veterinary care or still puppies or kittens that we have to bottle-feed (so called "nursing").

Finally, certain animals were traumatized and mistreated and require a particular attention a family life, some are not sociable or have a heavy liabilities. You will have understood him, your role is essential for them!

What are the criteria?

Ideally, it is better to live on one of the Islands of French Polynesia because it will facilitate the exchanges and the visits. That you are in apartment or in house has no importance as long as you can walk the dog regularly. Single women, couples or large families? No matter, all the styles of homes are looked for! The main part, it is that you have enough time to dedicate to the animal that you keep.

Feel reassured, it is not compulsory to have already an animal to be host family. Sometimes, refuges look for exactly families which not have no it because the animals which they have to place are not still sociable …

And if you already have one of it or several, you will be certainly asked to have a first contact to test the compatibility between your companion and the future refugee.

How long do we keep an animal?

This guarding is temporary, the time when the animal is adoptable. In the case of an animal removed from its master for ill-treatment, he will have to wait in family of welcome the time when the justice seizes him definitively at the end of a trial.

How to become host family?

Contact us, us will indicate to you our particular needs. 

What difference with the adopting?

A family of adoption decides, as its name indicates it, to adopt an animal definitively. The host family on the other hand, keeps the animal only temporarily. However if the host family wishes to adopt the dog or the cat which it kept, it will be possible when the animal will be officially adoptable.

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