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The Word of the President

Our mission

Eimeo Animara is an association law 1901 which tries to improve the lot of the animals of the island of Moorea because here most of the dogs and cats proliferate without any control in catastrophic sanitary conditions: stray dogs are scrawny and die from malnutrition or from poisoning, the dogs spend their life to be made puppies which are put deposited in boxes and most of the animals are infested with vermins and often sick. Most of the dogs those are attached at the end of a chain and never untied and who roam in constraints and along roads, they form packs which fight between them for a question of territory or food. Certain dogs finish even in the pot.

Your entire donations is directly used for the actions(shares) which we lead and for animals in emergency situation.


The actions of our association

The sterilization to avoid the proliferation of animals


We set up since a few years a system of sterilization of the females of the island to curb the multiplication of animals. It is the PRIORITY! A sterilization for a private individual costs approximately 24 ' 000 FCP (200 Euros) and for the association with the price rate that we negotiated with the veterinarian of the island: 15 ' 000 FCP (125 Euros). But seen the number of puppies which are born every month, the number of females old enough to procreate does not decrease still in a rather significant way. We have to intensify our efforts.



The distribution of petfood 


We help the owners of animals in trouble economic and host families, by proposing them, petfood so that they can manage all the same to feed their animals. We feed also certain dogs and wandering cats in big distress. Mornings of harvest croquettes are regularly organized with certain storekeepers of the island. 



The adoption


We propose in the adoption:

- Abandoned(given up) grown-up animals which we socialized and put back(handed) on "legs", 

- Young puppies and collected, educated and inoculated kittens,

- Animals which the owners want to abandon because they leave to live somewhere else!



The fight against the animal ill-treatment


We intervene when an act of ill-treatment is indicated to us to lodge a complaint  and when justice is returned. Too many people do not take care of their animals and them let die at the end of a chain with complete impunity because it seems to them normal, the animal being often only a "thing" of which we can get rid especially when he grew up and when he serves no more toy.

dogs to adopt
cats to adopt

emergency number : 87 22 57 32